Equipment for service stations,equipment for repair of shock absorbers, 10 nozzles


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The company 'a-Pro' manufacturer Universal equipment offers a turnkey Business,Recovery Gazoballonnyj shock Absorbers.Predlogaem to purchase a set of equipment for filling AZATOM motor vehicles (gazoballonnyj).Nabor allows you to restore the factory specifications gazoballonnyj twin-tube shock absorbers on the technology of the manufacturer. VOZMOZhNOSTI equipment:_1. To pump the nitrogen in the shock - indiscriminately._2. Add oil to the shock - indiscriminately._3. To change the oil in the shock indiscriminately._4. To control the level of pressure in your shock without analysis.Razmery attachments - fixtures fit all the possible diameters of the absorber rods:_11 мм_12,5 мм_13 мм_14 мм_15 мм_16 мм_18 мм_20 мм_22 мм_25 мм_28 мм_30 mmvolume to RESTORE the dampers are much CHEAPER than buying a new one.

Business type: Car wash / Car repair shop
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