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  • Is registration necessary to post an advertisement?
    You can place your ad on without registration, but you will not be able to manage your Ad.
    We recommend you registeration. In that case you will be able to get additional opportunities.
  • How do I register on your site?
    For registeraion you need to fill registration form, write your E-mail address and password, then click on the link to which we’ll send you by E-mail.
  • How to place an Ad?
    Button Add advertisements is available on any page of the site
    1) Title
    Title of your proposed product / service should be clear, competent and attractive, it’s necessary to write the exact name of your product / service.
    2) Type
    It’s necessary to enter type of your product correctly:
    • Search; Buy
    • Sell, offer
    • Make a present
    • Receive a present
    For example, do you want to sell or buy clothing / shoes? You should need to select the Rubric "Fashion & Style" and if you need a car – Please choose the rubric "Transport", etc.
    3) Rubric
    Your ad will receive the greatest number of responses if you insert it in a correct rubric and section.
    For example, do you want to sell or buy clothing / shoes? You should need to select the Rubric "Fashion & Style" and if you need a car – Please choose the rubric "Transport", etc.
    4) Section
    For placing your ads correctly you should need to choose a correct section.
    For example, if you want to sell or you're looking for a motorcycle in category you should need to select section "motorcycles".
    After choosing the
    in the form of your ads list, it is possible to appear additional filters. they are different for each section.
    For example, if you are in the rubrics choose section "Cars" additional filters will appear where you will be able to select model, year, and other options. Try to fill filters as much as possible. It will help a potential buyer / seller to find desirable product or service.
    5) Price
    Please enter the price – it is necessary! If you are willing to look at prices, select "Negotiable". Prices on the site are available in 3 currencies – GEL, USD, EUR. Be sure to select the appropriate currency.
    6) Description
    Please add your proposed product / service, containing details as much as possible. This will give you a chance quickly sell the product / service and avoid further questions from potential buyers. is trilingual - GE, RU, EN. This means that if you write the text in one language, Google Translate will automatically translate your text on the other two languages, and your ad will appear on the other language versions of our site.
    However Google Translate does not always translate the text correctly, that’s why we give you an opportunity (for your desire) to edit the translation.
    For editing translation of ads please click "View / Edit Translation".
    7) Add photos.
    Ads with photographs have average 3-5 times more responses than without photos! You can add maximum 6 images in the format jpg, gif, png, no more than 5 MB, and 5000x5000 px.
    8) Enter region, city.
    This will help your customer / consumer to figure out where you are.
    9) Enter your email-address.
    It will not appear on the ads page. E-mail is required to activate your ad and enter to your account. Also write alternative methods of communication – phone or Skype. This will give you an opportunity to communicate with a large number of potential buyers.
  • What is the term publication of ads?
    Publication duration of ads lasts from one week to month, before the expiratory date, you can extend the time by editing your ad on your website account.
  • How can I update / edit my ad?
    For Update / Edit your ad, you can host in your account and click the button . .
  • Why has my ad been removed or deleted?
    Your ad can be removed or deleted for website rules violation. To avoid this, we suggest you to read the rules and do not break them! But if you think that your ad has been removed for some other reason, you can contact us via contact form of the site, and after that we’ll respond to you.
  • How to contact site administration?
    You can contact the administration via contact form.
    Try to choose the theme of your massage (this will help us to quickly sort emails, and respond you).
    Try to fully formulate your question. Enter the ad number and E-mail.
  • What additional services does offer?
    Such ads are always located on the top of Ads list, and it will be seen by greater number of visitors.
    And that’s why you can quickly sell your product / service.
    (This variant is temporarily disabled and coming soon)
  • Forgot your password?
    ЕIf you forgot your password, go to the page and press the button "account" follow the link < Need help?>.
    After that you will be able to enter your e-mail to start the password recovery procedure.
    Further instructions will be sent to your email.
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